ADBSS 35th Annual Fundraising Banquet
March 10, 2018 – Embassy Suites (formerly Chaparral Suites)
Waterhole – 4:00 pm Dinner - 6:00 pm

The annual fundraising banquet is the Society’s primary source of funds. All money raised at the banquet is used to benefit bighorn sheep through water development, habitat improvement, surveys, transplants, research, and other management activities. A number of high quality hunting and fishing trips will be auctioned, along with rifles, bows, camping equipment, original paintings, limited edition prints, bronze sculptures, unique furniture pieces and vacation packages. Items auctioned and raffled range widely in value, giving everyone an opportunity to participate. A highlight of the fundraiser will be the live auction of the state of Arizona Commissioners’ Rocky Mountain sheep tag.

34th Annual Fundraising Banquet
Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Thanks to all who attended, contributed and helped make our event a success!

Congratulations to the 2017 Raffle Winners

2017 Swarovski Optics Raffle Extravaganza: Jerry Gragnani, Tranquility, CA

2017 Poor Man's Rifle Raffle: Kyle Jenkins, Bagdad, AZ

Big 20 Super Raffle:

1) Dennis Whalen
2) Tyler Henriksen
3) Eddie Nixon
4) Doug Davis
5) Mary Welch
6) Christopher Ramierez
7) Richard Risner
8) Jared Brown
9) Marvin Enfield
10) Ben Davis
11) Johnnie Warner Jr.
12) Howard Peppi
13) Leonard Ordway
14) Michael Hull
15) Ronald Anderson
16) Rodney Wilson
17) Brad Remfrey
18) Max Bauer
19) Will Garrison
20) Chase Brown
ALT) Dan Fussell


2017 NM Antelope Hunt Raffle: Bruce Ebelherr, Paso Robles, CA

2017 Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt Raffle: Konstantinos Douldas

2017 Alberta Rocky Mtn. Sheep Hunt Raffle: Chad Dilzer

2017 NM Ladder Ranch Elk Hunt Raffle: Michael Murphy, Redmond, WA

2017 Alaska Cast & Blast Trip Raffle: Randy Perkins

2017 Tent Package Raffle: Brian Myers, Florence, AZ